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Why This Works

The 8-hour National Safety Council's "ADoD" Course is based on the work of behaviorist Dr. William Glaser and his book, Choice Theory. Participants come to better understand what motivates their driving behaviors and make better driving choices. The course includes a self-assessment profile and personal action plan to change their driving behavior.

According the National Safety Council, in a study done in 2015,

  • In 1994, Massachusetts began using the Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving Course for the retraining of repeat traffic offenders. By 2014, more than 631,500 had completed the course. Periodic studies are conducted (2010 & 2015 included) to measure and document the effectiveness of the course.
  • The most recent study as of 2015 shows that "ADoD" graduates in Massachusetts had the following reduction in traffic violations:
    • Minor traffic violations decreased an average of 80%
    • Major traffic violations decreased an average of 77%
      • For the 12 months following DDC-"ADoD" participation (except for females 65 years and older who had an insufficient sample to test)

These National Safety Council Defensive Driving Courses are not recognized by the California Department of Motor Vehicles as traffic school and are not considered point reduction courses. They may or may not be recognized by some California insurance companies for premium discounts. Please check with your individual insurance provider for information.